Traxcell Technologies, LLC, is headquartered in Plano Texas, and holds a portfolio of fundamental patents in the field of wireless technology.  

In 2000 and 2001, the world of wireless technology was in it's infancy.  It is hard to imagine now, but in 2001, most cellular phones were not even equipped with a simple camera due to the limitations of the early networks.   In addition to limited features, these second generation networks were plagued by dropped calls, poor call quality, and limited calling areas.

In today's advanced wireless networks, tuning systems first developed by Traxcell help reduce the number of dropped calls, improve call quality and increase coverage areas, by providing your wireless device with a stable wireless environment to operate.  The navigational technology first developed by Traxcell helps provide your device with the up-to-date maps it displays as you travel from one location to the next, as well as the live traffic data and more.  

In fact, the United States Patent Office has referenced Traxcell's patents and applications over 500 times.  These references are included in patents issued to wireless equipment manufacturers such as Nokia, Alcatel-Lucent, Samsung, Huawei and others.  


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